Welcome to the Orion High School Digital Open House.  Below you will find our teacher's digital Open House packets. 

 Teacher Subjects
 Profe Benedict    Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV
 Mr. DeBaillie Principal
 Mrs. Feldott World History, Cultural Geography, US History
 Mr. Haley
 Choir and EXCEL
 Mrs. Harp Special Education Courses
 Ms. Heiberger Band and EXCEL
 Mr. Hohl
 PE and Driver's Ed.
 Mrs. Hutton Algebra II, Algebra III, and Calculus
 Mrs. Jensen Art I, Art II, Art III, and Art IV
 Mr. Johnson Government, US History, and POL122
 Mrs. Kershaw and
Ms. Bizarri (Student Teacher)
 English I and Modern Lit.
 Mrs. Kingsford Agriculture Courses
 Mr. Lister English III, LIT190, and ENG101
 Mrs. Nightingale Health and PE - PE Rules
 Mrs. Parrett Special Education Courses
 Mrs. Peterson Chemistry I/II, Meteorology/Geology, and Physics
 Mrs. Poel Family and Consumer Science Courses
 Mrs. Stannke Biology and Anatomy
 Mrs. Rentfro-Cline English II, English II Honors, English IV
 Mrs. Swanson Applied Geometry, Geometry, and Statistics
 Mrs. Thomsen Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Pre-Calculus
 Mrs. Wegerer Accounting I, Accounting II, Business Law, Computer Concepts, Consumer Ed, and Intro to Business