OMS Athletics

MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL AND VOLLEYBALL AWARDS PROGRAMS POSTPONED AND RESCHEDULED:  The Middle School Football and Volleyball Awards Programs (originally scheduled on Thursday, October 27) have been postponed.  The Awards Programs have been rescheduled on Wednesday, November 2.  The Football Awards Program will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the Volleyball Awards Program will begin at 7:30 p.m.  Both Awards Programs will be held at the Orion Middle School.

OMS WRESTLING PARENTS' MEETING SCHEDULED:  A Parents' Meeting has been scheduled for those parents who will have a middle school wrestler this year.  The meeting will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2016, at OMS, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

 8th GRADE BOYS' BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT:  An 8th Grade Boys' Basketball Tournament has been scheduled on Monday, December 26, 2016, beginning at 11:00 a.m.  Additional information will be announced at a later date.


Girls going out for 7th or 8th grade girls' basketball must have the following items turned in before December 15:

1.  A current physical for the 2016-2017 school year

2.  Permission/waiver forms

3.  Rules

4.  Concussion form

5.  $50 participation fee

(Forms are available online.)

Clinic will be held on December 15.  Time and place to be announced.

Tryouts will be held on December 16.  Time and place to be announced.

Girls who were on the volleyball team this school year have all forms completed except for the $50 participation fee for basketball.  Girls who were on both the volleyball team and cheerleading do not have a fee.


Key:  BBB = boys' basketball; FB = football; GBB = girls' basketball; TR = track; VB = volleyball; WR = wrestling)

ALWOOD (VB, BBB, GBB, TR):  301 East 5th Avenue, Woodhull  61490

ANNAWAN (VB, BBB, GBB):  501 West South Street, Annawan  61234

CAMBRIDGE (VB & GBB):  300 South West Street, Cambridge  61238

CANTON (WR):  1001 North Main Street, Canton  61526

CHURCHILL (VB & GBB):  905 Maple Avenue, Galesburg  61401

COSTA (BBB):  2726 Costa Drive, Galesburg  61401

ERIE (WR & TR):  500 5th Avenue, Erie  61250

GALESBURG (WR & TR):  High School, 1135 West Fremont Street, Galesburg  61401

GALVA (BBB & GBB):  224 Morgan Road, Galva  61436

GENESEO (BBB & GBB):  333 East Ogden Avenue, Geneseo  61254

ILLINI BLUFFS (WR):  212 N Taylor Street, Glasford  61532

KNOXVILLE (BBB, GBB, VB):  701 E Mill Street, Knoxville  61448; (FB & TR):  end of Mill Street; (WR):  Woolsey Mabel Elementary, 106 Pleasant Avenue, Knoxville  61448

KEWANEE CENTRAL (VB, BBB, GBB & WR):  215 East Central Boulevard, Kewanee  61443

MACOMB (WR):  1525 South Johnson Street, Macomb  61455

MAHOMET-SEYMOUR (WR):  201 West State Street, Mahomet  61853

MERCER COUNTY (FB, VB, BBB & GBB):  N Washington Street, Joy  61260; (WR):  Mercer County Intermediate School, Aledo  61231

MONMOUTH/ROSEVILLE (FB, VB, BBB, GBB):  200 East Gosett Street, Roseville  61473; (TR):  N Sunny Lane Park Drive, Monmouth  61462

MORRISON JR HIGH (WR):  Academic Drive, Morrison  61276

RIVERDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL (TR & WR):  9822 256th Street N, Port Byron  61275

ROCKRIDGE (BBB, FB, GBB, TR, VB, WR):  14110 134th Avenue West, Taylor Ridge  61284

SHERRARD (BBB, FB, GBB, TR, VB, WR):  4701 176th Avenue, Sherrard  61281

STARK COUNTY (BBB & TR):  418 South Franklin Street, Toulon  61283; (GBB):  300 West VanBuren, Wyoming  61491 (gym is in back)

UNITED (VB, BBB, GBB):  2140 Illinois 135, Monmouth  61462

WETHERSFIELD (FB, VB, BBB, GBB, TR):  439 Willard Street, Kewanee  61443


 OMS GYM USAGE:  The use of the OMS gym for outside groups begins at 6:00 p.m., due to school team practices.  Also, there is a one-hour limit per night, per group, so that we may accommodate all groups requesting gym time.  Thank you for your cooperation! 


Complete schedules for Orion Middle School events can be found online at

Athletic announcements and photos may also be viewed on this site.  We encourage you to visit the site and get connected to OMS.