Return to School Q & A

posted Aug 2, 2016, 7:54 AM by Kyle Taylor   [ updated Aug 14, 2020, 8:11 AM by D’Carla Meisenburg ]

Orion Middle School Return-to-School Plan Q & A

  1. Why are students attending in-person on M-W-F from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in lieu of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.?  

Teachers are preparing for in-person and online teaching.  Each mode of teaching requires time to prepare, teach, and grade for that mode.  For example, this additional time will allow teachers to upload video and lessons to Google Classroom.  

  1. When will students have restroom breaks?

Students will have an allotted time each class period for scheduled restroom breaks.  Obviously, contingencies will be made for emergencies.

  1. How will students’ social-emotional needs be addressed?

Ms. Burgert and Mr. Goodwin will be available to assist students.  In addition, they will have virtual office hours.  Our Inner Strength program is being taught to our students throughout the day to support resilience and character development. 

  1. What if a student forgets to charge their Chromebook?

Spare Chromebooks will be available for students to check out during the day.  We want to emphasize the importance of students taking responsibility for their Chromebooks—which means making sure their laptops are charged and ready to go for the upcoming school day.  

  1. How will students maintain social distancing during lunch?

Students are eating lunch in their squads (in their same group, smaller class sizes) while maintaining social distancing (6 ft. apart).  This will be an opportunity for a mask break while eating their lunch; however, it is very important for our students to maintain social distancing during this time.  

  1. Will students use locker rooms for PE?

OMS students will be participating in 30-minute PE classes.  They will be wearing their school clothes; as a result, the locker rooms will not be utilized for changing. However, students will be assigned lockers to store PE clothes & shoes.

  1. How will students be dismissed to their next classes?

Students will be dismissed one class at a time.  This will minimize the number of students in the hallway at any given time.  

  1. How will classrooms be cleaned in-between classes?

The teacher will spray disinfectant on the desks after the students leave and the incoming students will grab a paper towel and wipe off their desk prior to sitting down.

  1. Will students get a break from wearing their masks during the day?

Students will get a break from wearing their masks during lunch.  In addition, teachers will take breaks to go outside and students can take off their masks during that time while practicing social distancing.  

  1. How will the students be dismissed at the end of the day?

Bus riders will be dismissed by individual bus.  The OMS bus dismissal will be at approximately 2:12 p.m.  Our walkers and parent pick up will be before that time—approximately 2:00-2:10 p.m.  Walkers and parent pick up students will be dismissed by hallway to allow for social distancing.  

  1. Will outside speakers and field trips be permitted?

No, outside visitors, speakers and field trips are not permitted during this time.  

  1. How has the OMS class schedule been modified to promote safety?

Our class schedule has been modified to focus on core content areas, encourage smaller class sizes with four squads per grade level, and encourage a family/team approach where our students stay with the same students throughout the day.  

  1. How will students get water during the day?  

We encourage students to use clear water bottles throughout the day.

  1. What are ways that the school is enforcing social distancing?

    1. Marks are being placed 6 ft. apart in front of common use areas—cafeteria, restrooms, office, etc.

    2. One way arrows indicate the side the hallway to use 

    3. Limiting the number of students in the office

    4. Limiting the number of students in the restrooms 

  1. What is being done to assist parents and students in navigating the online learning process?

Each grade level is developing a distance learning template that outlines expectations, procedures, apps being used, curriculum resources, and log ins, etc., to assist students and parents.  All teachers are available from 2:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. to answer questions and provide support.

  1. Are paper copies being provided for students?

We encourage the use of digital copies.  Teachers will work and provide accommodations for those students with limited access to the Internet.  Please communicate with your teacher any concerns or issues that you may have.  

  1. The OMS plan mentions squads, what are those?

Each grade level is divided into four sections or “squads”.  The students will take classes with the same students (in their squad) throughout the day.  

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