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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our students take federally required assessments every spring. These assessments help us understand how our students are growing academically, compared to their peers across the state. The state uses this information to provide more support and resources to the schools in the greatest need. This year, the English language arts and math assessment for grades 3-8 is called the Illinois Assessment of Readiness.

The Illinois Assessment of Readiness is almost exactly the same this year as the assessment that students took last year, only slightly shorter. The Illinois Assessment of Readiness measures the same Illinois Learning Standards and includes the same high-quality test questions that teachers and students have become familiar with over the past four years.

Our students should feel confident showing what they know and can do on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, even with the new test name and new look.

The Illinois Assessment of Readiness will change over the next few years, as the state works to make it more useful to schools and families. Next year, we will have the results back from the test much more quickly. The year after that, the test will adapt to each student, so we gain a better understanding of where each individual student is in their learning. We will continue to be able to measure students’ growth from year to year throughout these improvements.

Our students will take the Illinois Assessment of Readiness on The following dates: 8th grade – April 3, 4, 5; 7th grade - April 10, 11, 12; 6th grade – April 15, 16, 17. Please make sure your student gets plenty of rest and has a good breakfast on  test days. Healthy snacks will be available for purchase by the students in the morning before the test and during breaks.

If you have questions about the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, please reach out to our counselor, Mrs. Stacey Burgert, at 526-3392 or  As always, we encourage our students to do their best every day. Thank you for your partnership in your student’s academic success.

Mr. Scott Briney, Principal

Washington D.C. Trip

Trip Information available in the office

Trip Dates: June 10th-16th 2019
Trip ID# 159426

The 2020 8th Grade D.C. Trip info meeting will be on March 14th 6:00 @ OMS Library