Courtney F

The Trip by Courtney F.

        “What have you done!” yelled Blue, my best friend. “I can't believe you did this!”

    She always was a drama queen. Now she’s gone.

    Let me explain, hi, I’m a six foot tall polar bear. My names Cupcake, but people call me Cuppers. That’s my best friend Cassandra but I call her Blue. She’s a polar bear too. We used to got this school in Alaska for polar bears. It’s the worst school ever. The name’s Cruel to Animals University. Good name for a school for animals right?   This is a story about Blue and I and our adventure into adulthood. Not really but you get my point.

“You know I was thinking.” Blue said one day out of the blue during lunch. Ha, see what I did there?

“What” asked four foot tall, Sylvia. Sylvia’s super smart, the only thing is she’s a fox. Cruel to Animals University only let her in because she's so smart. Sylvia is in sixth grade like me, but she’s supposed to be in fourth grade.  

“We should run away” Blue said. “To the city. This lil’ country town can get so boring. You guys in?”

“Are you crazy!” Sylvia screamed. “It took me two years to get into this school. I’m not leaving now.” I remember  how Sylvia only thought about school.

“Fine, Cupper’s are you in?” I couldn't answer. She gave me that look. The look that tells you agree or die. “Cupcake, Sylvia and I are your only friends” Blue said. She always knew my weak spot.

“No,  Joe is my friend.” I said while rubbing a hand through my short blonde hair.

“Yeah, he moved away two years ago.” Dang it she got me again.” So, are you in or not?” She stared directly into my brown eyes.

Yeah, yeah, I’m in.”

“Great, swing by place tonight at seven no later no earlier.”

Great, I’m going to be the world’s first polar bear juvenile delinquent.

That night at six fifty-two I headed of to Blue’s house. I’ve been to her house many times. It takes approximately eight minutes to get to her house.

Why couldn’t I go any sooner than seven or later? When I got to her house I got my answer, her parents had somewhere to go, that means they would not be able to hear our plans.

I waited until her parents where out of view before going up to the front door. Before I had even rang the dinger, a white paw pulled me inside.

“Let’s talk battle plan. Right now you call and tell your parents you're spending the night at my house. Go, do it now.” Blue tossed me her phone. When the call was over I gave her her phone back and listened to part two of the plan. “ Next, We are going to pack a bag. Just one, anymore would weigh us down. Then we will leave.”

“ Where are we going?” I asked.

“No time for questions. Let’s go!” She said.

Blue started packing. I tried helping, but she said I was to slow. “ Hey Blue.”, This just came to my mind.” How are we going to leave we’re too young to drive and a polar bear riding a bike? That’s crazy!”

“Who’s says I’m to young to drive?” Blue asked with a sly smile on her face. “Look” She held up her mom’s driver’s license. I’ll just say that I’m my mom.”

“ Yeah, well, there’s two problems with that. One, your lieing to a police officer. And two, your eye’s are blue while your mom’s are green.”

“ Well, the officers won’t know I’m lying. Only you will. And you won't tell right? Second, I’ll just say that I am wearing colored contacts. Easy as pie.” She said and went back to packing.

I still remember how in third grade, Blue and me where in a class together for the first time. One day at lunch, Blue and I were under an oak tree. She took one look at me and said,”Hi I’m Cassandra.” That’s Blue’s real name, but thanks to me nobody calls her that anymore.

My response was “You don't look like a Cassandra.” I took one look into those deep, blue eyes and thought that I only said in my mind but really said out loud, “Your name should be Blue.”

“No. My name can't be a color. How bout Blueberry?”

    “Perfect. You know I’m still going to call you Blue, right?”

    “That’s ok. But only you can.” That didn't last long. I called her Blue and everyone started thinking that her name was Blue.  

    “Alright I’m done.” Blue yelled.

    I can’t believe I’m doing this! I can't believe I’m doing this. What if we get caught. I got so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't realize that we were out the door and in Blue’s mom's minivan.

    The passenger seat is really big. My butt never fits onto car seats,it did this time. This may not be so bad.

By the time we drove to the highway I  almost died three times. The first time happened when we pulled out of the driveway. Blue thought she had put the car in reverse but she hadn't. Her parents are definitely in the need of a new garage.

I felt like I might die the second time when we stopped at the first stop sign. Lets just say Blue forgot the stopping part. To make matters even worse there was another car maybe an inch from hitting my side of the van.

Last but not least was when Blue kept talking to me instead of paying attention to the road. We practically were in the ditch.

I told Blue that I was going to sleep and she needs to drive carefully so I won't die in my sleep. Worst decision ever.

She started speeding. The bad part is that there was police officer right there. Blue pulled over and I woke up.

¨Excuse me woman, but you were going 2,456 miles per hour. Do you know that the speed limit is only 50 miles per hour. Now usually I would only  give out a ticket but I will need to be seeing some I.D.” The gigantic police officer said. The name on his badge said Chief Pickle.

¨Well um Mr.Pickle sir, the problem is-” Blue began but he cut her off.

¨The problem is you ain't getting out any I.D.¨

I started shaking.

Blue got out her mom's driver's license and put it in Chief Pickles giant hands.

¨Did you get colored contacts Mrs. Vonmore.¨ That´s Blues last name.

¨Yes sir I did now if you don't mind could you just give me a ticket and I'll be on my way.

Chief Pickle leaned all the way into the window. I could smell the Tobacco that he was chewing.

¨You aren't Jo Ann Vonmore. You have committed three felonies right in front of me.¨

“You are exaggerating.¨  Blue said

“No I’m not. The first one is that you were speeding. The second one’s that you lied to a police officer. The third one’s that you stole someone's license. You're coming with me young lady.

I don't know why but at that moment I jumped out of the car,ran at the police officer, and then I jumped.

The air was nice against my fur. I tried to stop but the dangerous side of me wouldn't let that happen.

“Arhg” Chief Pickle yelled. “Get off of me! Now I'm going to arrest both of you.

“Run!” I yelled I jumped through Blues open window and she drove away with me on her lap.

“Where are we going!” I yelled when we had been driving for over an hour.

She never answered. Two hours later she pulled into an apartment complex. “Here we are, home until we graduate high school.” I was not about to judge Blues logic.

Now fifteen years later we live in a big farm house and have a wonderful life.

I’m now a doctor. I make $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 an hour. Blue is a teacher she makes $5,000,000,000, an hour.

“What have you done.” Blue said,”I can't believe you did this.” She always was a drama queen. “I’m pregnant. It’s twins.

Now ten years later we have thirteen kids and four grandbabies. Blue was right what have I done I can't believe I did this. So many kids. Please help. Right now I locked myself in the bathroom. I just needed a break from all those kids.

I told Blue that I was going to the bathroom.

She has changed so much from the the little girl I had become friends with in the first place. Blue is a little too serious at times but thirteen kids can do that to you.

I’m really nervous because tonight is the first night in a long time that we are going on a date.
    I’m writing this all down and know I can't stop ranting.

“Cupper’s are you almost ready.” Blue called from upstairs.

“Yeah.” I yelled back.

I love Blue so much.


-Cupcake Vonzuel Montigo lll-