Emmalyn F

Finished Story by Emmalyn F.


“Ally” my parent said.

   I said “what”.

   “We need to talk to you.”

    I said “Ok”

    We all went to sit on the couch. They told me that we would be moving in one month and this would be the last month I have with all of my friends and my school.

  I said “ why? “     

    They said “ Dad got a job there.”  

       The worst thing is that we are moving to a different country so the people at my school will be speaking different languages. The means that I have to learn it and when I first get there I will not understand anything!!!

   I went up to my room I stay in there the rest of the night because I was to scared to come out.

       The next day I told my friends what was going on with me because I had been slumpt all day and my face was red with tears on it. I told them that we were moving to Paris. The next few days we all looked the same red faces and tears in our eyes. Until one day we decided that why should we just be depressed for the rest of the month.

      I said “ We make a good use of these last few weeks together.

     They said “Ok”

      When I got home from school that day I ask my mom if all of my friends could spend the night tomorrow night? She said

“ Yes sure honey.”

     I then started dancing and I had a big smile on my face for the rest of the night. I was so happy!

    I told my friends the next day with a high pitch voice I said “ My parents said that you can spend the night tonight” They screamed too. We all had smiles on our     faces for the rest of the day. That night was so much fun we were talking about it for like a week! We kept staying at each other's house every other night. We had so much fun every time! By the time we spent the night at each other's houses a lot. We were down too the last week of me living here so we decided to do something really special for my last week here. We decided to go to the mall and get some ice cream and spend the night at my house one more time.

     The next day I packed up all of my stuff from school because this was my last day here. I said my final goodbyes to my friends and all of the teachers and other classmates.

    I went home and the house was not a house anymore it was a big open room. The rest of the day I cried and never smiled once even when someone tickled me. My parents tried to cheer me up but the couldn't.

   It was a long plane ride. We were moving to Paris.

      When we got there our new house was big and had a pool in the backyard.

  My birthday was almost here and I won't even get to spend it with me friends.  

    The next day was my birthday I was not very happy though because I was 10 hours away from my friends. Later on it was time to open presents. The first card I open had 20 dollars in it! I got a blue stoned necklace because my mom said that it matched my blue eyes. The next one I opened was a PHONE!!!  I could just smell the newness from it. It was a IPhone! That means that I will be able to facetime them and see their faces. I am so happy! My parents said that I could used it to stay in touch with my friends. I got a great big smile on my face. I called them right away and told them everything.

  When I was done calling I went up to my room to start getting it set up. We painted it a dark purple. It took a few days to finish painting it. After we were done painting it we brought in my bed and all of my other stuff. I had a lot of things it took a few hours to get everything in. We had to bring in all of my clothes and my tv. Some of the things were light and some of them were really really heavy.

   When I was done helping my parents put all of my thing in my room I went up to call my friends one more time then went to bed.

   The next day was my first day of school there! Everyone was speaking differently. A few people saw that I was new and walked over to me.The first thing they said to me is that they liked my light brown hair.  They knew that I did not speak french. They speaked english and french. They were the girls that were going to help me learn to speak french and show me around the school.There names were Dia and Michelle.

   When I first got to the school there were many different sounds. Some of them were annoying.

    The first few days of school were kind of hard to find all of the classes but the two girl help me to every class. After about two weeks I knew where all the classes were and had many friends. We did not have that much homework at this school, so that was nice.

   After about three months of school I was starting to speak french more fluently.  

  My parents said that we were going to go visit my friends over Spring Break. I just couldn't wait! I had to call them right away. I told them everything and then said “bye see you soon”. That was one of the things that I thought I would never say again. THE END!!