Lauren C

Phillip & Amy by Lauren C.



I saw three, big figures in my room. I couldn’t tell who they were, but I knew I had seen them somewhere before.

One of them looked real familiar.


    “No Phillip. It is Will, Bill, & Kill. Your old buddies.”

“No, not you again. You three should be in jail!”

“We were Phillip. Until we broke out that is.”

I could see them walking slowly towards me.


I awoke screaming. I quickly grabbed my glasses and looked for them. I didn’t understand. It sounded so real. I pulled myself out of bed, then I walked down the hallway. I checked on both my kids, Charlotte Amalie, and Timothy James, who we usually call James.

I loved how their names reminded me of where Timothy grew up, and the man himself.

As I started for the stairs, I heard someone saying,”Daddy” behind me. I whipped around figuring it was James. Maybe he said his first words! Nope. It was Charlotte Amalie. She had tears running down her face. I slowly  picked her up and carried her downstairs. We sat down on the couch together and I asked what was wrong. She explained she had a nightmare. It made perfect sense that she would have one. I was probably screaming in my sleep too.

I was definitely an early riser, but she had never gotten up this early.

I walked into the kitchen to grab my green tea when I realized I was being followed.

We sat at the dinner table, me drinking my my green tea, Charlotte asking questions.

There was one that stopped me.

“ Where’s mommy?”

I replied with a reluctant,”At work.”

Charlotte then asked why mommy didn’t tell her or James.

“Well sweetie, mom gets up really early, and comes home really late. I do believe she is coming home early tonight, so maybe ask her then?”

“ Okay daddy. What are we going to do today with James?” Charlotte questioned.

“Well Charlotte, the first step is getting him up without screaming. Which is the hardest part.”

    I walked up to James’ bedroom to awake him. Usually it would be hard, but today he was wide awake.

    I walked up to his crib and he said his first words!

I didn’t know what he said but I picked him up, lifted him over my head, and watching out for the fan, I swung him around like a maniac and we all started cheering with huge grins on our faces.

I asked Charlotte to help her one-year-old brother get dressed for the day so I could do myself.

On the way back to my room, I stopped in the bathroom to brush my teeth. Although I didn’t want to, I knew I had to brush my brown crazy hair.

I had promised Charlotte that today we would do what she and James decided.

When everyone was in the car, Charlotte said, “Daddy, James and I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

Realizing this, I said we would go to McDonald’s.

Before we left, I checked my Smartphone 6+, making sure Amy didn’t call.

She did.

On the way to McDonald’s, I called her back.  Amy talked to both the kids and me. I told her about James, and when James was “talking” to her, Amy got him to say,”Mommy.”

We walked into McDonald’s, not knowing there would be a church crowd.

There was.

Amy called back about two-hours later and said she would love it if she could meet us for lunch. Of course the kids wanted their mommy to see them!

I gave in.

Arthur’s Deli at noon.

Great. That place is always busy. Expensive too.


“Daddy, it’s past noon! I think if we don’t make it to lunch on time, mommy’s going to freak out because she’s a control freak.” Charlotte exclaimed.

    I replied quickly with stern in my voice. “Charlotte, who told you that?!”

    “I accidentally overheard you and mommy talking.”

    Bang! A gunshot. The back window shattered as a bullet came through. I sped up the car.

    Bang! Another. “Daddy! The thing-ey shot you!” Charlotte exclaimed.

    When I was shot, I had a flashback of my dream. Maybe it was a warning? The dream, not the bullet.

I realized why I had been shot now. My old arched enemies were in our old van. I had reported them for shoplifting and setting things on fire. Now they had come back. Technically, everything was their fault for being so stupid in the first place.

Now they had come for my kids! God, they have to be pretty screwed up to do something this stupid!

    Charlotte called 911 and was crying. James sat there looking out the window with a plain look on his face.

    Trying to drive with a shot shoulder and blood on my seat was not the smartest thing to do. The car started swerving again and the enemies came up beside our car and hit real hard. Our car with us inside, flipped a few times, and landed upside down.

    I heard sirens, and I could see Charlotte climbing out with James in her hands. She crawled over to a paramedic, and she started to scream. Amy arrived. She started talking to the paramedics and Charlotte. I watched as she took James in her arms, hugging Charlotte.

But that’s all I got to see.

Timothy came back. “Phill-eep. ‘Tis me.”

“Timothy. You look so real.”

“Phill-eep, it’s because I am. You are with me now.    



    3 weeks later…


I can’t believe my stupid boss, Jerry wouldn’t even let me stay home. I have two kids to take care of, a dirty house, and I’m losing control. Charlotte had broken her leg, and James is in the hospital.

My boss, had just came back from lunch two minutes ago and said,” Amy, if you don’t start pulling your weight soon, you’ll have to leave like the wind.”

Jerry likes to use metaphors, can you tell?

Everything was falling apart without Phillip. I hadn’t been ready to let him go just yet.

“Amy please come down to the office. I repeat, Amy please come down to the office.” Jerry announced over the loudspeaker.

“Uggghhh!!!!” I said as I stood up, turned to Jerry’s office, and started walking smoothly but fastly.

My blonde hair was blowing backwards as I walked.

Jerry opened his trap as soon as I opened the door. “Alright Amy we need to talk, and there’s no easy way to break this to you.”

“Okay Jerry. I’ll go pack up my booth.” I started to stand.

“Actually Amy, no. You’re not fired. Sit back down. I’ve been asked to find a recruit for the field. Working for the government. A field agent. Guns and karate and other stuff. Get the point?”

“Yes.” I replied slowly and nervously.

“Amy, I have monitored you for years. I know you're the girl.”

“Okay Jerry.”

“Amy I know you’ll need… Wait, what?”

“I said I’ll do it Jerry. I’m not happy about everything, like, um, the moving, and the, um, the new schools for the kids, expenses, all that. But, I need a distraction from thinking about Phillip.”

“Alright Amy I understand. We can and will help with it all. I cannot tell you exactly what you will be doing, but I can tell you that you have to go. No exceptions!”Jerry continued. “You will also have another, different, boss. Not me. I believe his name is Nathan Petersona.”

I gave him a weird look.

“Don’t ask me Amy, I didn’t name him!”

He stood up to shake my hand.

I stood up also.

We shook hands and headed for the door. Jerry went first to hold the door open for me.

As he held it open, he said,” Amy, your boxes for all of your things should be here any minute. You and your kids can travel in your own special plane because of their conditions. The medical supplies you need will be on the plane as well as two doctors and two nurses. You have 84 zillion dollars in your banking account. It should help with everything, and I have already taken the initiative and signed Charlotte up for first grade online school.”

“Wow. Jerry. Um, I’m speechless! That was very sweet of you. But, you forgot to tell me when my plane will leave and if my plane will be taking my furniture from my house.”

Jerry replied while looking down at the floor. “Oh yeahhhhhhh. I don’t know when your plane is taking off off off, but the moving truck will take all of your things and take them to the airport.”

“Oh alright Jerry. I’ll go call the babysitter and my mom.”