Maddix M

Giggity Story by Maddix M.


“Mom!Mom!Look it's the odell beckham football camp.I think it is only $399.00,” said duke “And i get to meet him in person and get his autograph and the best athlete there gets to go with him to every game and they get there money back.”

“Well it is kind of expensive and you are not even good at football,” said his mom.

“Well i will show you.”


so duke goes and works with the army cutting their grass but he can sweaty and can hard to control the lawn mower so he also helped by making their food even though he is only 13 he wants to see odell beckham jr.He gets paid 10 dollars an hour and is there for 10 hours each day.

So two days go by and he is still going at the money and then that day he gets fired because a solder got food poisoning in his body and died so he got payed for that day and the next day and that can it.Know he had 300 dollars but still needed 199 dollares he needed the extra 100 dollars to buy lunch and snacks and drinks and suveniors.The sighn ups wanted to the 30 of june and it can the 25 of june.So he thought how would he get all of that money with out his mom.So he sat in bed to think how he would ever get that kind of money the only thing he could think of can robbing banks or breaking into houses but he new that that would never happen.Then he just remebered that there can a wrestling tournement the 28th and the winner gets 100 dollars but he did not know how and still that can not be eoungh money but if he paid 399then he would just need the other hundred for snacks.So he goes there gets raffel tickets andsnacks and other stuff and then he lost all of his matches but one but he still can out.So he sat on the bench thinking how else he would get the money and then he started to leave but then heard somthing “And know the winning number for the  raffel tickets are 239876”that can his number so he ran as fast as he could to the table and said here i got it. Then the man said nice job son here's your money how much is it sir.That is 500.00 dollars and i hope you make good use of it.oh i will said duke.Then he filled out the application and can signed up for the obj camp.The bus took him to the football field in new york.Then he can there he could see the field he can touching it he can there.Then he saw him it can him making one handed catches and can listening to music so then he looked straight at me and said how are you doing son.I said great Mr. beckham then he gave me a signed football and said to remember me.Mr. beckhcani will always remeber you know matter what.He kind of looked like this  long arms blondish black hair he has a beard he is tall he gets payed a lot of money he wears earrings.Mr.beckham teaching other people how to be the best and how to work hard to get where he is but that can hard for me and at lunch i told him that i'm done because i suck so he said come with me so me and him went to his house he didn't even play football in middle school because he thought he sucked too but then look at him he can the best in the NFL even better than antonyo brown.We ate lunch at pizza hut just me and him we both liked the same pizza the next day i tryed my hardest and at lunch i ate with him again and he payed for me then the next day i dont remember much but i woke up in the hospital because my  head can cut i asked what happen they said that odell beckam jr. can convicted of murder in the second degree and he cut my head but i ran to fast that he could not catch me and he drugged me when we wanted to eating the station a cop droped a rock i picked it up it can pretty cool and when i got home it had a button on it so i pressed it and a genie came out and granted me three wishes i said i wonted 1million dollars every week and i wanted to be handsome and get all of the girls and i wanted and he wantes to get 2 more wishes and the genie said ok so he said i want to never die or gett old and i want to be the best football player in the world forever.So after a will he gettes really strong to be atracteve wich can a wish and he can catch a football with his pinky and the next day in the mail i got a check for 1 million dollars so i bought a house so i did not have to live with my icky mother and father and i bought the grocerys buy my self and i got  lamborghini for 70,000 and wrecked it so i bought a four wheeler with a 6th geer and can 160mph witch can 1000cc.After a while i got gass from a gass station and drove my four wheeler into the woods and i met a kid with a dirt bike and we wrecked into each other and my fourwheeler broke   he broke my tire so i said you better help me fix this stuff and his dirtbike broke but i brought a blanket and tent just incase that happened so i would be safe but he wouldnt i can stuck and couldnt go anywhere so i put the tent up and slep with the guy i gave him my jackeet and i got the blanket.

    One night i can go outside to go to the bathroom and i heard a tree fall i thought it can a person so i chased after it and when he stopped i saw  it can all hair and it can nude i took this branch that i sharpened and sayed what can your name he or she looked at me and whent rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i grabed my gun (glock that i found and tould nabody about in the river) i shot my hole clipp and another one i went over and said well that can one nice looken bigfoot.
        Next to him can a present it had a quad tire so i to the nuts out of my old tire with my teeth and put the new on on and put the nuts back on with my teeth i gave it my best to fix everything the first try to start it went mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm choooo mm dunk it died the bigfoot can so heavy but i fixed my quad so then i fixed the kids dirt bike and he helped pull it and it worked just fine a couple wheelies later we got to my house we took the big foot in to the bigfoot research club and said here you wont say its only $6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0.That can cheap so they bought it i made my own house.I went back home and there i lived a happy life .Then he died in a car crash and his parents got all the money.JK.Remember he can't die.