Madison G

The Origin by Madison G.


I sprinted towards the old brick building. It stood only about fifteen yards away, all I had to do was get inside the building and I would be safe. The creature followed me relentlessly. I could not shake him off.

Images of everyone I cared about quickly flashed through my mind. The last

I spoke to my mom we had been arguing. What if that had been the last time I ever see her? I could never tell her that I did not mean what I said. That moment of realization made by blood run cold and I stopped running for only a moment.

I then sprinted towards the building, but my fate had already been sealed. The

monster cornered me and I began to see how horrible he looked. His skin gleamed a royal purple and his yellow teeth jetted out of his frowning mouth. He towered above me, at least three stories tall to my 4’11 figure. I met his eyes and I saw hatred and evil glaring from them. In an instant he gulped me up and my existence ended.

I awoke screaming. I sat up in bed, drenched in sweat. I repeated to myself over

and over, “It was only a dream”. My parents rushed into my room.

“ What’s wrong, Maya?” my mom practically shouted as she ran to the side of my


“Just a bad dream,” I said, trying to convince myself that it I would not be eaten by a three story tall, purple monster. My parents stayed with me for a few more minutes and then stumbled back to bed, but before they left the room I said , “I love you.”

“ Love you too, little monkey,” my dad said to me, as he gently kissed me on the

Forehead, before going into the hall. At least it is only a Friday night, I reminded myself. I nestled back in and tried to relax, but I could not get the dream out of my head.

After about an hour, I lost all hope that I might get any sleep, so I grabbed my

phone from next to my bed and began scrolling through my texts. Two texts on a group chat, both from my BFF’s, Sarah and Megan. They asked expectantly if I could go to our sixth grade school dance next Friday.

Rather than saying no automatically, I just told them that I would have to ask my parents and then think about it, even though I already knew I would be going anyway for student council. At least I would not have to face talking to Sarah and Megan about the dance until Monday.

The time on my phone still only read 3:30 a.m., but I l knew that there was not a chance I could fall soundly asleep again.

I laid on my back and stared at my illuminated ceiling fan which hung above my

bed and was covered in glow in the dark stars. My pictures and posters of my favorite books, movies, and animals stood out against my royal purple wall. I had what seemed like a million different posters on my wall: four Divergent, three Hunger Games, seven small Harry Potter, two snow leopards, three wolves, and pictures of Sarah, Meg and me.

My dog, a small pomeranian named Miley, came trotting into my room. She tried to jump up onto my bed, but instead ended up running into my bed head first. I smiled for the first time that night. Rather than try to get up on my bed again, Miley simply left my room.

“Thanks furball,” I mumbled as I lost sight of her small furry form.

I sprawled out on my bed and spent the rest of the long night thinking about my


I woke up tired the next day and ready to go back to bed already. Stopping to

think for a moment I realized that I did not have school. Thank you, sweet Saturday. I can spend the whole day in bed watching YouTube and just thinking, or even I could read! It felt like I had not gotten to read in forever. I just never have time.

I looked at the clock so I could see about how much time I had until my mom

woke up. It read about 9:30, I had plenty of time. She never plans on waking up any time before ten o’clock.

I heard a small crash coming from the living room, along with some talking. Yep.

My sister is awake, and maybe my mom. I groaned and rolled out of bed. Bad idea. I crashed onto the hard floor and I heard soft footsteps sprinting into the hall and then into my room. I watched as my sister came over to my side and simply stared down at me.

“What do you want, Kait?” I asked her.

“Just wondering what you are doing,” she responded matter-o-factly, as she

kicked me in the leg.

I wanted to ignore her. I knew that I should. But… I couldn’t hold myself back.

Still laying on the unforgiving floor, I swung my leg around to kick her. However,

as usual, I failed. She jumped just in time and avoided my leg.

    My face formed into a scowl. Kait stuck her tongue out at me in response.

    “Haha,” she laughed.

    “Can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I exclaimed, “You are always getting into my business and bothering me. I just want you to leave me alone!”

    She appeared almost shocked. That lasted only for a moment though. She then hardened her face into a scowl similar to my own, and stopped out of my room.

I laid there on my floor for about an hour. Then I got bored. I felt too tired to

walk so I rolled out of my room and into the living room. I only received a few hard whacks in the head and feet while I rolled slowly into the other room. I ended up right next to the reclining chair. Perfect. I crawled up into the soft chair and grabbed my iPhone.

I only then noticed that my mom sat, relaxing on the other side of the living room on her iPad. I checked the date, May 22, 2016. I also had two notifications. One from 4-Pics-One Word and one from my weather radar app. It said that we had a winter storm warning. Odd. Nothing like that should be happening now. It’s almost June. I peeked outside and noticed that snow flurries had begun to fall. My face must have looked confused because Kaitlyn gave me a look as if I had gone crazy. Maybe I had.

I decided to go back into my room and watch some YouTube videos. I grabbed

my  old computer from my desk and  jumped onto my warm bed. I pulled up my friend Claire’s, YouTube channel and began watching her videos.

The boring day dragged on. Before I knew it it the clock read 8:03 Neither my

mom nor my annoying sister came in to check on me, unless you count bringing in my dinner of easy-mac and chips.

Well, why not get a headstart on getting ready for bed? I crawled under my now super warm covers and turned off the bright lights.

My dreams held weird memories from fifth grade, thoughts of wolves, my

favorite animal, and the elements of the Earth.

By the time Sunday morning came, my thoughts held ideas about dangerous

wolves and the elements: fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. How cool would it be if I possessed powers over the elements and had the powers of the wolf. I would never be afraid and I would know that I could do anything. I could even make people afraid of me if I wanted. My lips formed into a huge smile with that thought.

I grabbed my phone and responded to my day-old text from Sarah and Meg.

“ Fine. I’ll go but I am sticking with you two and only you two…. And maybe

others from the Lego team or from student council.”

Sarah replied immediately with a note of happiness. Good. At least I

know that she is delighted with my choice. I know that Cam, another great friend, will be pleased with it, too.

I rolled out of bed. This time not landing on the floor as I did the day before. As I

began to walk into the hall I noticed that Kait’s poster-covered  bedroom door, which is directly across from my room, was closed. She usually has it partway closed but not all the way.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard whispering coming from the kitchen. I

could barely hear it, but yet I could make out what they were saying. I could tell that the whisperers were my mom, dad, and nana. I stepped into the hallway just enough to hear them better. I listened to their conversation, partly because I enjoy being like a secretive ninja and partly because I am super curious.

    “You know that we can’t tell her,” I heard Mom say.

    “Why not? She’s old enough and needs to learn her place in the world,” Dad said.

    “He has a point. The longer we keep her in the dark, the more danger she is in,” Nana said matter-of-factly.

    As they continued, my mind exploded with questions. Who are they talking about? Me? What kind of danger do they mean? So many unanswered questions. At least half of them I could not put into words.

    “ Then it is decided. We will tell her.”

    “When? We need to tell her soon, but not too soon. At least soon enough so that she can process it.”

    “ Monday. That’s when school gets out and summer break starts. Then she can spend all summer thinking on it.”

    I knew then immediately that they spoke of me. My break starts Monday. Whereas Kait’s break starts this Friday.

    Hopelessness seeped through my bones. My life's in danger. I could not wrap my mind around the thought.

    I came out of my thoughts and into reality when I heard quick footsteps coming towards my room. I sprinted onto my bed as quickly and quietly as I could. I pretended to be asleep, but I had my right eye open just enough to see out of. I watched as my mom peeked into my room. Her face looked grim.

    Thunder cracked outside. A storm began to rage outside. Not the winter storm my phone warned me about, but an angry thunderstorm. My favorite. I smiled at the thought. All of my worries wash away during thunderstorms. They relax and calm me. I felt myself begin to calm down. I am not in any danger. Nobody is going to hurt me. That calming though put me to sleep nearly immediately.

    By the time morning rolled around, I became convinced that the conversation I overheard must have been a dream. I mean, how could I possibly be in any danger. What could possibly endanger me in my small town of Rock Springs, CO, with only about 1,800 people? I took a deep breath and banished my thoughts. I knew that if I continued thinking about any danger I may be in I would be too scared to function properly.

    My cat came into my room with a loud meow, announcing her presence. I groaned. I need more sleep!

    I had only just decided I needed to get out of bed when huge, thunder-like crash sounded outside. I sprinted over to my window and threw up my shade. As soon as I

did, I screamed and fell back in fear.

I saw a figure standing out of my window. I didn’t get a very good look at him, because as soon as I did he disappeared in an instant. However, I did see that he wore a flame tattoo and had a large pitch-black dog standing by his side.

    I couldn’t move due to fear. I laid on the floor for what seemed like hours. When I finally did move again I walked into the living room and nearly screamed again.

My mom stood in the middle of the room. Her lower leg exposed to show a lightning bolt tattoo. She wore what looked like gray armor.  It too had a lightning bolt stretched across it.

    Yet again, almost as soon as I had seen it it disappeared. The next thing I saw was simply Mom sitting on the couch messing with her iPad as if nothing happened.

    Maybe nothing did happen. I must be imagining these things. Yet still part of me wondered if this could be a part of the danger that I heard of.

    I rushed into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, my blue-green eyes staring back at me with fear. I pulled my dirty-blonde hair out of my face and into a ponytail and splashed water in my face. I let out the breath I didn't know that I had been holding.

I walked out into the living room and sat down in the couch on the opposite side of the living room as Mom. I took a deep breath and grabbed my phone. Before it had fully turned on I noticed my reflection staring back at me. My blue-green eyes still looked startled. I became surprised that Mom had not noticed my fear yet.

    When my phone finally did turn on, the screensaver showed a small symbol as my lock screen background. I knew that it represented the elements. The symbol curled around to form a ring. Part of the ring showed flames, and another part showed a sun. The symbol also held a leaf, a small blue shell, a black void, and a purple cloud. In the middle a wolf head set off the whole scene.

    At the sight of the symbol my mind went into panic. I knew that it was an ancient symbol that represented the power of the elements. And it made me feel worse knowing that I did not change the background.

My mom had always told me stories that revolved around this symbol. She told me of how certain people had been granted the special gifts of using the elements and befriending wolves. However, she also said that people like that had not been revealed in over two centuries. She said that these people were called Origins. I always thought that the it was just a fairytale.

My thoughts were interrupted by Miley, who before I knew it, had jumped onto my lap and sat down.

“Furball,” I said accusingly.

She merely glanced at me with a look of pure innocence. Rather than do anything about it I looked back at my phone. I pushed myself past the startling screensaver and began playing a mind-numbing game.

The time passed easily. Before I knew it, Kait had already woken up. Usually I wake up after she does, but not this time. I don’t think that I could sleep if my life depended on it.

“Hey, Maya,” my mom said, getting my attention.

“Uh huh,” I replied, scared-to-death inside.

“Can you do me a favor?” she questioned.


I mentally smacked myself when I replied, “ Sure.”

“Can you write a short paper with information about the elements and their abilities? I need it for a conference I am going to about something children have grown up knowing about,” she replied convincingly.

“Oh. Okay. Yeah, I can do that.”

To begin fulfilling her simple favor I went into my room, grabbed my computer, and plopped down on my bed. I decided that I could just type it up and email it to her. I already knew enough so that I did not have to research it.

I just would have to figure out how to form my words to make sense. I groaned at the thought. One of the things that I am worst at, writing. It has never been my strongest ability. I only had ever known enough to make it through my school work. I always received compliments about my writing but never really understood if I was any good.

Rather than dwell on my failure too much, I plowed ahead and began working on the paper. I typed something about the fire element. I didn’t even pay much attention to what I typed. I knew that I would have enough time to review what I had written.

By the time I finished it had only been about forty minutes. I gave myself a pat on the back at my quick work. Yet part of me knew that it was not only the quick work that I became proud of. It was also the fact that I had gone that whole time without a strange experience. Again though, something made me feel as though that will be short lived.

I pulled up my email and sent the paper to my mom. Throughout the entire time I was writing, I didn’t even realize that I was freezing. However, once I did realize it, I crawled under my blanket and enjoyed the warmth. I curled up into a small ball and drifted into a deep sleep.

I sat high up in the sky on a bright white, puffy cloud, surrounded with other almost identical clouds. A small green vine wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet. The sun hovered above me and appeared so bright it almost seemed to glow white. A break in the clouds appeared nearly directly below me and I saw that I  stared down into an endless black abyss. Surprisingly, I did not become paralyzed in fear. I felt as though I had lived by the abyss my whole life.

When I turned away from the break in the clouds, I came face to face with a wolf. However, I could tell that she was no ordinary wolf. For one, she appeared to be made of flames rather than… whatever a normal wolf would be made of. I wanted to ask for her name, but wolves don’t talk. Yet somehow I felt as though I knew her name.

“ Luna?” I asked.

As if she understood me, she nodded her head. She then turned swiftly and began walking away. I followed her without question. I knew that my destiny rested wherever she led me.

Within a few minutes we came across a waterfall carved into cliff face. The whole scene looked random, yet beautiful. The waterfall sparkled, illuminated by the bright sun.

Once I got over the breathtaking view I turned to speak to the wolf. She had disappeared. I turned around looking for her. Nowhere.

I did not even feel concerned at her disappearance. Somehow I knew the

reason that she led me here. I knew my destiny.

I walked over to the waterfall to investigate. The blue water shone like a

thousand diamonds in the sunlight. Something in the rock caught my attention. I knew that symbol. The waterfall and everything else began to fade.

I awoke to the thunder storm. I looked at my clock. 9:30. Probably about time that

I should get up. I crawled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I looked up into the mirror. My blue-green eyes stared back at me. Before I looked at myself I had not noticed how much of a mess my dirty-blond hair had become.

I pushed that thought aside and went into the living room. There my mom waited on the couch, appearing nervous.

“Maya,” she said, grabbing my attention, “ we need to talk.”

I walked over to the couch and sat next to her.

“Uh, huh. Okay,” I responded nervously.

“We’ve been keeping something from you. I think that it is something that you should know.”

I felt like Mom could hear my heart start beating faster.

“ And what is that?” I asked warily, even though I knew what it was.

Before she even said the words I realized I had found my destiny.

“ You are an Origin.”