Seth G

Bearly by Seth G.

HI I am seth i am a bear.  you might be wondering, HOW IS HE TYPING THEN? Trust me it's hard i have to hit backspace a lot!


So when i was little I learned how to fish hunt and walk. (easy compared to math,typing,math and LA)

I would play in the river when i was bored not watch youtube.

One day I went hunting and Saw a giant gray animal At least  Four times my size. So I kept walking and saw a big orange and black cat,he stared at me and growled. Then everyone looked at me and ran away. I heard Loud noises and saw red and blue lights coming for me.     

The people in the vehicles wore blue suits and one had a rifle pointed at me. Next thing i saw was not pretty he shot and i felt like, Um like I um,

got stung by a big hornet.

When i woke up i was in a cage being watched by People! I saw a little sign that said do not feed the bears. Since then I have Learned some things like how to type,do tricks and how to use a computer, And what a Meme is.

I also met a new friend named Gilbert The Grizzly,

he is the big brown bear in the cage next to mine

we talk sometimes about life out of the cages,

play games and mess around. My favorite toy is a

big ball made of rubber. I punch it bite it and even

throw it into the air. I have also met a polar bear named kenny, he is younger than me but still knows way more about computers than me, He was born in the zoo. when i have PC problems that i don't know how to fix he fixes it for me.

one day i was messing kenny,


    ¨Hey kenny¨i said

¨Hey…have you seen my hard drive¨ he said half asleep.



¨Gilbert did it¨ i said hastily

¨he is one the whole other side how would he do it?¨

¨fine i did it it's in my ball.¨

¨Give it back then.¨

So I gave it back (after I downloaded pictures of me and Gilbert onto it)


one day i was talking to Gilbert,

“hey Gilbert”

“hi seth” he said, “what are you doing”

    “noooooooo thing” I said

    “then whats Kenny doing?” He said while walking over to me.

    “I don’t know i’m  not a stalker!”

    “Hahaha soooo funny” Gilbert said sarcastically.

    “see you later alligator” I said.

“in a while crocodile!” He Chirped


The next day a weird thing happened

This ‘Virus’ Attacked all the electronics in the zoo! It said this

“Hello i am lenny i am your leader” said

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (a lenny face is a meme FYI)

“all your base belongs to us. We are the Memes Of 2015! We will stay 5ever and we have never been defeated b4”

This played at exactly 3:33 Illuminati confirmed…

                             1 Day Later

“We Must Stop Them” Kenny Whispered.

“ O.k. How?” Gilbert said

“ Let me Guess MLG AntiVirus?” I said

“ No, We will use COMPUTERS!” Kenny said While typing at the speed of light.

“why?” I asked.

“I HATE any Virus that attacks my COMPUTER!” He said “LET’S Go 360 noscope dat  Der Virus!” (He talks like a redneck when He gets Excited)

“Haha You sound like a redneck kenny hahaha” Gilbert said.


    “this is mission control and Operation Meme police is a Go” Kenny said.

    “Why do i have to do this alone?”

    “cause the milks gone bad.”

    “Nice code Kenny”

    “ No Seriously We need some more Milk.”

    “What does that have to do with anything?”

    “ Nevermind just roll with it.”

    “fine operation ‘Meme’ is a Go.”


When I got to the control room it was too late.

The virus had spread.

    “Um kenny Do you see this?”

    “No I lost Transmission.What is it?”

    “It has spread. Every where…”

    “No.It cant i dont have it…” He said “Wait Do you hear that?”

    “Hear what?”


               The Explosion ended the world


                      The end



Just kidding we just deleted the virus and everything went back to normal. But the exaggeration sounds better… XD    

..      THE END      ..

                                                  [For real this time]