PTA Membership Information

Join the Orion PTA Today!

Why should you join the PTA?  Joining the PTA benefits your child and their school, you become involved in what is happening at school, you build a connection with other parents and teachers, and you get to witness first hand the improvements and positive changes happening throughout the school district.

What perks do you receive as a PTA member?  Active PTA members have voting rights at PTA meetings, are able to volunteer at PTA events, are automatically part of the Illinois and National PTA which offer coupons and discounts to different organizations and companies, and finally you have a VOICE in what is happening.

How do you join the PTA?  Joining the PTA is easy.  Becoming a member consists of filling out the PTA registration form below and returning to school with $7.00/per person.

Please click here for the Orion PTA Registration Form