Employee Recognition Announcements

Years of Service - Each August the District recognizes employees for their years of service to the Orion School District.  Recognition is made in five year increments.  This year's employees who were recognized for their years of service include:

5 YearsAshlee Amador, OHS Activities Director, OHS Paraprofessional, OHS Class Sponsor; Suzi Ferry, OMS RTI Data Coordinator; Parker Haley, OMS & OHS Teacher; Dennis Lehr, Custodian; Andrew Lister, OHS Teacher; Leah Stropes, C.R. Hanna Paraprofessional; Marcy Wegerer, OHS Teacher, Co-CTE Director

10 YearsJen Bakener, OHS Counselor, OHS Class Sponsor; Henry Carson, Custodian; Natalie Crose, C.R. Hanna Teacher; Logan Hohl, OHS Teacher, OHS Head Boys' Track Coach; Heather Larkins, C.R. Hanna Teacher; Dawn Lough, C.R. Hanna Paraprofessional; Morgan Matson, C.R. Hanna Teacher, OHS Head Cross Country Coach; Heidi Tschopp, C.R. Hanna Teacher  

15 YearsBrooke Bainbridge, OMS Teacher, OMS Lego Coach; Tammy Kuelper, Bus Driver; Carrie McCunn, C.R. Hanna Paraprofessional

20 YearsAnna Casey-Crouch, OMS Teacher, Diane Owens, OMS Secretary/Library; Heather Stannke, OHS Teacher, OHS Class Sponsor; Patty Swanson, OHS Teacher

25 YearsRhonda Cook, Bus Driver; Deana Fox, Custodian; Becky Tolley, OHS Cook

30 Years:  Tracy Fausett, OMS Teacher; Lisa Harlan, Custodian; 

40 Years:  Bobbi Thomsen, Secretary to Superintendent, District Treasurer, Board Recording Secretary 

Congratulations to these employees!  We thank you for your service!