Computer Club

Bull and Linux penguin

Computer Club Mission: "My mission is to provide students with a better understanding of how computers work, why they work that way, and how to think critically by providing projects and exercises, teaching patience and understanding, and encouraging curiosity and exploration. The skills learned here will not apply only to the IT field, but to everyday life."

--Calvin Kruse
District Network Administrator

Students can join computer club simply by filling out this form to show their interest and/or by showing up to meetings.

Meetings this year are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at the OHS computer room (A12).

Activities for the year (please note these all depend on available materials)

Server Hardware Section

  • Server Slideshow

  • Discussion and research assignment

  • Initial Setup installing proxmox on our club server

Windows Section

  • Windows slideshow

  • Introduction to computer architecture

  • Issue Laptops

  • How a Windows standard filesystem is laid out

  • How a Windows command line works

  • Set up our Windows server

GNU/Linux Section

Computer Programming in Python and C++

  • Create a Dice rolling program in python and other languages

  • Robocode battle

  • Discuss and build other programming projects

Independent Study

  • Students select their own projects to create or contribute to

Web Programming

Create Arcade Machines

  • A two player arcade cabinet

    • woodworking and artistry are involved here for installing the components and making it look nice

    • we have to design and 3d print some mounting hardware for the screens - CAD design skills are useful here

    • and of course, we need to set up a computer to run all of the games we'll be emulating.

    • optionally, we'll set up a coin slot and use the machine as a computer club fundraiser

  • A music-rhythm arcade cabinet

    • We'll be tricking this one out with speakers to play things loud and proud!

    • We'll also be making a dance-pad for pump-it-up and/or Dance Dance Revolution games.

    • There are several old guitar hero controllers that need transformed into USB controllers for Frets on Fire or other music games

    • We need to 3d print a screen mount for this one as well

    • And again, we get to decorate the cabinet however we want!

Introduction to LAN technologies and management

  • Make Networking Cables

  • Setup a small LAN with your laptops

  • Setup a Game Server

  • LAN Party - Multiple Video Games Play Day (invite your friends, Bring Your Own Laptop/Computer Rig)