Employee Recognition Announcements

Years of Service - Each August the District recognizes employees for their years of service to the Orion School District.  Recognition is made in five-year increments.  This year's employees who were recognized for their years of service include:

5 YearsAshlee Amador, OHS Activities Director, OHS Paraprofessional, OHS Class Sponsor; Suzi Ferry, OMS RTI Data Coordinator; Parker Haley, OMS & OHS Teacher; Dennis Lehr, Custodian; Andrew Lister, OHS Teacher; Leah Stropes, C.R. Hanna Paraprofessional; Marcy Wegerer, OHS Teacher, Co-CTE Director

10 YearsJen Bakener, OHS Counselor, OHS Class Sponsor; Henry Carson, Custodian; Natalie Crose, C.R. Hanna Teacher; Logan Hohl, OHS Teacher, OHS Head Boys' Track Coach; Heather Larkins, C.R. Hanna Teacher; Dawn Lough, C.R. Hanna Paraprofessional; Morgan Matson, C.R. Hanna Teacher, OHS Head Cross Country Coach; Heidi Tschopp, C.R. Hanna Teacher  

15 YearsBrooke Bainbridge, OMS Teacher, OMS Lego Coach; Tammy Kuelper, Bus Driver; Carrie McCunn, C.R. Hanna Paraprofessional

20 YearsAnna Casey-Crouch, OMS Teacher, Diane Owens, OMS Secretary/Library; Heather Stannke, OHS Teacher, OHS Class Sponsor; Patty Swanson, OHS Teacher

25 YearsRhonda Cook, Bus Driver; Deana Fox, Custodian; Becky Tolley, OHS Cook

30 Years:  Tracy Fausett, OMS Teacher; Lisa Harlan, Custodian; 

40 Years:  Bobbi Thomsen, Secretary to Superintendent, District Treasurer, Board Recording Secretary 

Congratulations to these employees!  We thank you for your service!