Purpose and Goals

Go Chargers!

What is the Orion Athletic Booster Club?

Do you think the Booster Club is just about $$$? This is partially true because many dollars are needed to help fund the various sports programs of the Orion school system that we support. That's our prime reason for being! But as you read on you'll see that there's more to our objectives than just dollars

Who is the Orion Athletic Booster Club?

The Booster Club is YOU, the parents, family, friends, and community members of all areas that make up the Orion School District. The Orion school system is a very important part of our communities, instilling good sportsmanship and pride in their respective communities for all our youth. Our basic membership fee is low enough that everyone can participate. Some of you may choose to share a greater portion of our fund raising needs and we welcome your additional dollars as an advanced member.

Who will carry out the goals of the Orion Athletic Booster Club?

The Orion Athletic Booster Club must be a team effort if it is to continue in its ever-increasing value to the community. That means the financial and volunteer involvement of more people in the upcoming school year. That's it, folks... we need you to volunteer your time and talents! Just as our students, participating on the sports teams, are competing to be the champions, we want to be recognized as the champion booster club in Illinois. Therefore, your time and talents are needed to assist in organizing and working to raise the funds needed. All parents will be scheduled to work in the concession stand which is our major fund raiser. But there are many other activities which need your help, so contact a Booster Club officer or member for additional details. We can raise the needed money if only our students, parents, family, friends, and businesses will hop on the Charger Band Wagon!

Merchandise for the Orion Athletic Boosters can be purchased from the Enchanted Florist, 409 11th Avenue, Orion, IL 61273, Phone: 309-526-3684.

Often merchandise is on sale at home athletic events too!